Mark Attwood
20 Aug 14

Small Business Internet Marketing Survey Results! (and access to my free training videos…)

The survey results about the state of small business internet marketing are in! You can see the results in the infographic and in this video I discuss some of the written responses:

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9 Jun 14

New DVD Cover Design for the Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing

It’s all coming together now…(early bird sign up page is here: Love to get your feedback

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Optimise Your Business – Free Webinar

OK, here’s the webinar I did with Shaa Wasmund last night for you to enjoy.. If you want to come to the event in London on June 13th, you can get your tickets here:

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9 May 14
My Life

The Sound of Ireland

I’ve been living in Ireland for about a week now. It’s lovely. The people are lovely, and there are some amazing things going on here (like organic gardens where you can buy incredible veg for pennies). People back home keep asking me: “What’s it like living in Ireland?” Well, here’s my answer (listen to the […]

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Insider Secrets to Publishing – come along

This is an absolute must-go event for anyone that has ever dreamed about getting published as an author. Shaa Wasmund is not only a no.1 best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, she is also rapidly becoming the experts expert on getting published. Her last “How to write a best-selling book” was a smash – she got […]

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Fuck it therapy at work

At a recent seminar in London, I was the guest speaker. The audience had had a full day of the main speaker, Shaa Wasmund (who was brilliant), but I knew they needed to adjust to my different energy. A few weeks before, I had seen John C Parkin live at a Hay House weekend in […]

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6 May 14
Business, Marketing

Quick Heads Up On Facebook Graph Search for Marketers Outside the US

Facebook is where the traffic’s at, but if you live outside the US you might have missed one of it’s coolest and most powerful features: Graph Search. This short video gives a very quick and dirty intro to graph search and how you can activate it if you’re not in the US. Enjoy. Facebook Graph […]

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