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I have been working in digital marketing since before 1998 and the dotcom boom, and my 20+ experience is massively useful to any company that wants to increase their traffic, sales and profits from a sustainable digital marketing strategy.

I am also a serial entrepreneur that has had a packed career including working as a turkey-plucker (my first paid job at 10 years: 20p per turkey!), a paperboy, a Tesco shelf-stacker, a trainee RAF pilot, a published poet, a stand-up comedian, a theatre director and producer, an actor, an advertising salesman, a publisher (one of my magazines has generated over £3m so far), a marketing agency CEO, and creator of the world’s first online skip hire company, which has so far generated well over £50 million.

Since 2008, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners get to where they want to get faster, mainly through applying my digital marketing strategies.

I Started lecturing on digital marketing when I was invited to speak at The British Library. Here’s a clip where I talk about the importance of Long Tail Keywords back in 2009:

Many of my students and clients achieve 1000%+ growth in their businesses very easily when they follow my strategies.

I even wrote a book about this in 2016:

Mark Attwood's Book
You can download it for FREE HERE.

To get a flavour of the kind of approach I take to digital marketing, you can watch my online course “The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success” for free here:

Pillar 1: How you can do effective keyword research so it forms the basis of your entire online activity

Pillar 2: How you can write and structure your website so it has maximum effectiveness from the ground up

Pillar 3: How you should design web pages for maximum conversions and how you track your conversions

Pillar 4: Why you should be using WordPress and how you can use it to maximise your results

Pillar 5: Why and how you must use Google Adwords to test your market before you do any SEO

Pillar 6: How to use Facebook as a powerful list-builder & the importance of email auto-responders using the art of “Selling without Selling”

Pillar 7: How you can use video as a powerful marketing tool to increase awareness of your services/products

Pillar 8: Precisely how you do SEO (search engine optimisation) so that your traffic costs you less over time

The definitive guide to Google My Business link

Mark is the go-to guy for all things internet marketing. He’s also one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen, making everything really easy to understand. Highly recommended.

Shaa Wasmund MBE,

Best selling business author and founder of
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Digital Marketing Strategy
Keynote Speaker (1)
I will analyse your entire digital marketing assets and produce a full 2-5 year strategy which will massively increase your profitability and efficiency online. Contact me for a quote.

Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker
I recently delivered a keynote speech to over 300 barristers on Innovation, focusing on useful digital marketing strategies. I bring humour and storytelling into the mix, ensuring your business event is far from boring and, more importantly, actually useful to the attendees. Contact me today for availability.

SEO Backlinking
Digital Marketing Strategy
Three tier back-linking is Google safe and by far the fastest way to rank higher in Google for all your target keywords. Contact me for a quote.

Google Ads Efficiency Review
Google Ads Efficiency Review. Image pngGoogle teaches people to use Google Ads in a way that makes them more money, not you. Google Accredited agencies are not your friends. If you blindly outsource to them because of their Google credentials, I can definitely help you get more from Google Ads, which in turn leads to huge gains in SEO if you do it right. Contact me for a quote.

Video SEO Magic
Video SEO Magic
Jump on Skype with me and I’ll rank at the top of YouTube for your target keywords in a matter of minutes right in front of your eyes. Once you see the power of this for yourself, you’ll want one of my video marketing strategies working for you in your business right away. Contact me to set up a call.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising (2)
I’ve been advertising on the tricky FB platform since 2007. They sent me a T-Shirt for getting a 100% CTR, which amused me. They’d never seen anyone do this before. Facebook is still a great way to build a business if you know what you’re doing. Contact me for a quote.