Mark Attwood’s Bio

What the hell is a Sovereign Entrepreneur anyway?

What does it mean to be Sovereign, and why am I calling myself “The Sovereign Entrepreneur”?

Well, in a nutshell this has been my journey so far: I stared life born into working class bliss in the Northamptonshire countryside, in England. I didn’t realise I was poor until someone told me I was (first week into secondary school. Kid called Nigel).


I dreamed of escaping and seeing the world. Against all odds I got into the RAF as a pilot. After seeing some unsavoury things, including two friends commit suicide and realising that the government I was working for was lying to the people I thought I was being trained to protect, I resigned my commission just before the first Gulf War.


That was tough because I love flying machines, but I couldn’t justify that skill being used to take a single human life, no matter what the propaganda machine was telling us.

I then started my entrepreneurial journey after experiencing the hell of working as a Tesco shelf-stacker and advertising sales exec.

I followed a strange path that led me in my twenties to being a journalist, a published poet, a stand-up comic, a theatre company owner, actor, producer and one-time West End director.

I had a couple of my own TV comedy pilots, appeared in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, worked with some amazing people that became household names, but ultimately fell in love with the internet in 1996 to such an extent that it was to take over my life for the next 20 years.

My first website was called and it skirted around the edges of the dotcom bubble to such an extent that one magazine named it the 26th best website in the UK ( was 60th).

Me in Pheonix Nights

Me in Phoenix Nights

I started a promotional marketing company in 2000 that’s still going strong today. It made a lot of money but bored the tits off me because it involved a lot of corporate arse-kissing and slightly manipulative marketing.

At this point, I really couldn’t give a shit about money – I was on a rollercoaster, having the time of my life with little thought to the future.

Then I got married and had five children.

topskips logo

I also created the world’s first online skip hire company,, that went on to become a national tool and equipment hire business called PAL Hire.

That went on to generate over £40 million, and counting. Creating it was a baptism of fire. It involved employing over 300 people, gangsters, and getting a six-figure investment.

The success of the business was down to me mastering the (then) emerging skills of Pay Per Click (I’ve managed and spent over £4m with Google Adwords), Search Engine Optimisation, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Facebook Marketing and so on. Primarily though, it was down to the understanding that the internet is a direct response medium and that the simple formula for success is:

Traffic + Conversions + Solid Business Process = Profits

Like a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives, I got trapped into that business to the extent that it became a J.O.B. (a dirty word in my book).

I pulled into my reserved parking spot with my wife (who had also sacrificed many early child-rearing years to the cause), turned to her and said:

“What the hell am I doing turning up to work every morning? I’m not supposed to be doing this, I’m an entrepreneur”

She looked at me and said something that rhymed with: “You prat”.

But it was burning inside of me. Ever since I left the institutionalised, brainwashing establishment that is the British Military, I had a strong desire to be “free”, whatever that meant.

Pursuing this ideal led me to discover the concept of “sovereignty”.

You can Google the term “Sovereignty” to find many interesting definitions, but for me it simply means self-governance over your own body, mind, health and future.

When I became a father, it become really clear to me just how much the state was interfering with our lives.

They are training us to be afraid of yellow paint and red ink (no parking zones and demand letters)

They were teaching my kids that bread was healthier than green vegetables (it isn’t).

They were allowing sugar and aspartame-laden drinks into the schools (I agree with Jamie Oliver, it’s child abuse).

They were taxing us at a real rate of over 90% (do the maths yourself).

They were getting people deliberately trapped by the con-tricks of student loans, mortgages (which means “death-grip” in French), and cheap credit (debt traps).

I looked at the future of kids in the UK. Laden with debt, not able to afford to buy their own home.

Trapped in a system that asked them to work themselves to the bone until they’d paid off their debts and then would be too old to enjoy themselves.

That’s not living.

That’s not what we’re here for.

At the top of society, it’s a Big Club, and in the words of the great George Carlin, you and me ain’t in it.

So, the key to sovereignty is getting:

  1. A plan
  2. An independent source of income

Which, basically, leads to entrepreneurship.

The world has changed, and you can be free.

You just need to know how to do it.

I have been running workshops on internet marketing since 2008. Initially, I was showing people what I had done and the mechanics of how to do it. The students that acted on my advice achieved, and continue to achieve, huge jumps in income, often more than 1000% jumps in less than 12 months.

But the more I taught, the more I realised how few people have a plan. How few are realising their dreams. 1000% growth sounds great, but does it actually create more of a trap? Does it turn your business into more of a J.O.B.?

It is now possible for anyone to work from home and:

  1. Create an online course that makes $5000+ per month
  2. Create ebooks that sell on Amazon and make $1000s per month
  3. Make $2000+ per month from YouTube videos
  4. Make $1000s per month from affiliate marketing

And much, much more.

While the economy of the West is in freefall (trust me, the level of debt in the USA and the UK alone is totally unsustainable) and the old Empire collapses, there are emerging markets across the world where the banks are safe, the tax and government interference is low and the property is cheap.

You don’t need to be governed by national boundaries. You can live in many countries like a King. You can work from your laptop – anywhere.

I have been responsible for contributing over £10 million to the UK tax coffers. And where has that money gone? On schools? On health? On disabled benefits? No, all of those are in decline, being privatised or simply wiped out. My money has gone into bankers pockets, into the arms trade, into bombing innocent children to death.

There’s not much I can do about any of that, except opt-out. Take responsibility for my own income, grow my own organic vegetables, be responsible for the health of myself and my family, live in different countries.

I currently live in Marrakech. I am surrounded by organic produce, sunshine, my healthy, happy family. We don’t watch TV, we home school our kids, and we have never felt freer in our lives.

Are you the protagonist in your own life, the director of your own show, or are you a bit-part player, a member of the audience?

Life is meant for living. It’s meant for great adventures. You are limitless potential, if only you could see it. There is nothing you cannot achieve, whatever your circumstances.

Mankind will thrive once more if we all learn to take personal responsibility and stand in our power.

Through this blog, I aim to help you achieve this, if you’d care to come on the journey with me?

This is what’s possible. It’s just down to you now.