“Evil on the One Hand and and Ignorance on The Other” – how is the world economy so fucked up?

By Mark Attwood | Business

Jul 14

Anne Pettifor helped wipe out $100 billions of debt for 35 of the poorest countries in Africa with the programme she helped found, Jubilee 2000. She was also director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics, PRIME and fellow at New Economics Foundation. She was one of the few people to publicly predict the 2007 financial crisis in 2003. When she speaks, we should listen.

Part of being a Sovereign Entrepreneur is getting wise to what’s really happening in the world of finance, not what the mainstream media is telling us what’s happening (they lie, would you believe?).

It is a mathematical certainty that the financial crash coming is going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s our future at stake here. We hand over the reigns of control of our hard-earned cash to companies that are controlled by a very few people who’ve been conning us for centuries. Read The Creature from Jeckyll Island for some historical context.

Because we’re born into this system, we can’t see how fundamentally flawed it is. It is, as Anne says in the video, a blind spot for most people.

This is mainly due to ignorance. Our ignorance.

The key to surviving, and thriving through all this is education. You taking the decision to really educating yourself on how the system really works.

This excellent, and brief, interview with Anne from Renegade Inc’s Ross Ashcroft, is essential viewing if you’re on the journey to financial enlightenment (which I hope you are):

You may already have seen Renegade Inc.’s Four Horsemen documentary film. If not, check it out here.

You can follow Renegade Inc on Twitter here and I urge you to take a look at their Kickstarter campaign here because unless we, the people, start supporting people like this who want to get real information out into the world to educate the rest of us, the massive con-trick that is the current global economy will continue to tank and spank all of us.

Considering the banking system has already claimed the lives of 100s of millions of people by funding all sides on all of the wars in our recent history and taken most of our basic human rights away, I think we should stand up and start being counted.

We are many, they are few – and that’s what they are afraid of.



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