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By Mark Attwood | Business

May 09

At a recent seminar in London, I was the guest speaker. The audience had had a full day of the main speaker, Shaa Wasmund (who was brilliant), but I knew they needed to adjust to my different energy. A few weeks before, I had seen John C Parkin live at a Hay House weekend in London, and he’d blown me away. I had been following his work on Fuck It Therapy for a few years, but seeing what he did on stage was simply amazing.

John C Parkin and his wife Gaia have helped me become a better human being with their work (even though I’ve never met them or been on their retreats yet). Here’s some of their work:

Anyway, just as I was about to go on I thought: “Fuck it, let’s do Fuck It, to get rid of my nerves”.

As usual, I had no idea how this would turn out.

It changed the room enormously, cleared my nerves, got the energy of everyone there aligned (by that I mean it shook everyone up, changed their emotional state, supercharged me, turned some people against me, made others totally get what I said for the next hour).

The seminar was recorded for DVD release, but I don’t think this will make it to the final cut, so here it is.

If you are interested in letting go of fear, and becoming the person you really are and always have been (until society stole it from you), I highly recommend you check out


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