Are you paying to be “busy” but not making a profit?

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

May 09

Are you paying to be busy but not making

Yes, I know I said leaflets are bad for the trees, and then in the next breath recommended paper newsletters over email newsletters – before anyone picks me up on that! The real point I was making is that, in this particular case, thousands and thousands of leaflets being distributed without any real targeting is a complete waste of money (and trees), whereas a well targeted newsletter has far more value and ROI potential, especially if you can increase the opening rates and create engaging content.

The real key here is measurement. In this case study, the client is afraid of letting go of the leaflet marketing simply because they know it brings in turnover, but turnover is useless without profit, and marketing is useless without measurement.

Obviously I am being specific in this video to lead generation sites, but the principles are the same for ecommerce sites. Also, make sure you are using phone call tracking. There are some great solutions out there for measuring which keyword generated which phone call which led to a sale/lead/no sale. Email me if you want to know what these are.

Here’s the Google Mobile Friendly Check

BTW – here’s that headline writing software I mentioned: Click here for Headlinr

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