Filming “The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success”

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Apr 01

Mark Attwoods Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success

Glad to be back home after a massive session filming for over 13 hours in the superb, soundproof Wimbledon Studios belonging to Theo van Dort’s Inclusive Video Studio in Wimbledon Studios.

Theo van Dort and Mark Attwood filming "The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success"

Theo is an extraordinary man with a great sense of humour, patience and business wisdom and I am very grateful for him coming up with such an ingenious way of creating an video information product (to find out what it is, just contact him).

Mark Attwood's Tecnophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success video still

Big thanks to Rob for making things work with my terribly out-of-date software (I’ve been avoiding upgrading for years) and for Zak for being such a great director and for making me laugh so much.

Mark Attwood filming the Tecnhophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success

I’m really excited by this product because I should have made it years ago – it’s going to be a great foundation course for anyone in business that is a bit bamboozled by the whole internet marketing thing. I believe we’ve made something with heart and humour that is packed with useful information and online instruction.

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