Free SEO Book – “Where the Big Dogs Roam” by Dori Friend

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Jun 23

The high priestess of SEO, Dori Friend, has released a new book called “Where the Big Dogs Roam: 8 Magical Ways to Quit Your Day Job by Mastering the Search Engines” which you can get from: Click to get the Free SEO Book.

I have been following Dori’s work for over 5 years – she really is a master of SEO. She tells it like it is, through relentless testing, which is often the complete opposite of what you may hear through more mainstream channels.

All those people that have been saying SEO is dead are totally wrong – search engines still represent amazing income opportunities for those that want to take them. Dori is a proper geek who was an expensive hired gun at Apple working on products from the MAC operating system to being on the team that created the first digital interface for cameras, (parts of which can still be seen on all phone cameras today), before she started reverse engineering the Google algorithm and teaching others how to do the same, many of who have made millions from following her advice.

“Dori knows her stuff and is THE secret SEO weapon for many Internet insiders. It’s about time she’s putting something out there in the marketplace that really works. She stands behind everything she does and really takes care of her ‘tribe’.”
– Yanik Silver, founder Maverick1000

Bottom line is, I have made MULTIPLE MILLIONS of dollars using Dori’s systems and promoting her educational material and software to my customers. Dori pulls in the best of the best for her workshops.”
– Brad Callen, Bryxen Software, Inc.

She is one of the few people I totally trust when it comes to SEO, so I wholeheartedly recommend you take a look at her free book here.


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