How to Get 1640% ROI in 12 months from Internet Marketing

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Nov 07

How do you take a business from £6k per month to £18k per month in 12 months?

Implement my web marketing strategy of course 🙂 This graph shows a client operating in the gifts marketplace. In Dec 13 they were getting 4000 organic visitors per month. In Sept 14, they got 9697 visitors. More than double traffic!

1640% ROI from SEO at

We’ve improved their conversion rate, reduced their adwords bill by over 50%, put them above for many competitive terms and this December (their key month), they look set to do over £30k in revenue.

To recap, that’s a revenue increase from £36k per year to over £200k per year in just over a year.

How much did we charge to do this? Just over £10k. That’s a growth in revenue of 600% and an ROI of 1,640%.

Can you get that on the stock market? No. But you can get it from Attwood Digital


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