Local Business SEO – Reviews for “Kick Up The Arse Marketing Workshops”

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Apr 23

About every three months, I fly back to the UK to run a regular workshop with a group of local business owners to really embedd my knowledge into their heads and help them come up with strategies for not only their marketing, but their business plan, their life plan and their exit strategy (not from life!)

It’s one of my favourite things to do and was born out of one of my clients’, Mike Philbin, desire to have a “kick up the arse” every few months to make sure he was on track. Mike’s business has tripled since we started working with him and now he’s an established leader within the floorcare market in the UK. As the creator of the UK’s best floor cleaning training and products, Mike was constantly asked about how he did his internet marketing so well, so we decided to spread the “Kick” to his list of floor cleaning companies, and now we’re into year 2 of this transformational programme.

There are lots of KUTA testimonials on mine and Mike’s Youtube channels, but yesterday I grabbed a few new ones just to show how powerful this training is. We’ve not launched year 3 yet, but we will be opening it up to other types of small business owners. Just contact me if you’re interested.

Here’s Justin Brown from explaining how the investment is a “no-brainer” (he did £40k last month alone):

Here’s Dean and Marie Haywood of Five Star Furnishing Care:

Here’s Chris Bailey of Bailey’s Floor Care:


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