More epic SEO growth for one of my lovely clients

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Mar 13

Just got off Skype with the lovely Soila from The Divorce Magazine. She invested in our Kickstarter SEO package in December, and is now seeing the benefits with a 100% growth in organic traffic.

Epic SEO Growth -

If you look at the suggested bids in adwords for some of her target keywords:

Keyword Planner Adwords -

Even if you took a conservative estimate that this traffic would cost £1 per click in Adwords, the additional traffic over the course of 12 months, based on this increase not going up any further (which it will) is worth £10,296 for an investment that was 20% of that!

Do the maths – SEO with us costs a maximum 20% of the equivalent Google Adwords cost. Not too shabby, is it.

Next step – total domination of the divorce market with an email autoresponder sequence, an FB strategy, a video domination strategy, and a backend income plan to die for.

I love my job!

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