One of the funny things about Facebook advertising

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Sep 29

So, there I am looking at my Facebook page, and up pops a message from Facebook telling me to boost one of my recent posts that included a testimonial on Facebook from one of the people that signed up to my course, The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success.

Boost your Facebook post?

Boost your Facebook post?

I’ve got some advanced advertising going on anyway, but I thought that for $20 it would be interesting to see how this post performed, so I boosted it.

I log in the net day to see that the post has been partly boosted, but then stopped by Facebook because…(click to enlarge)

Oh no, you can't boost that post after all!

Oh no, you can’t boost that post after all!

Would it be too much to get Facebook to identify if a post has an image that violates it’s policy BEFORE it asks you to boost it?


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