Why Dailymotion is like Terry Butcher and how Darren is achieving market domination without a website

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Apr 10

Terry Butcher was an outstanding Sweeper for the England football team in the 1990s who took a lot of memorable heroic knocks in many battles on the turf. He always seemed to have a head injury, was covered in blood and was single-handedly responsible for saving England from getting battered on many occasions. He was the the last line of defence that would mop up the enemy and send them running back to base.

Terry Butcher

Dailymotion is a video channel.


So, why am I comparing the two?

Well, I was doing some blogging training on Skype last night with a client called Darren. who’s been the guinea pig for our new Bulletproof Marketing System for Man-with-Van Localised Businesses (which implements a very powerful strategy over 6-12 months with a monthly payment plan).

Part of the strategy includes firstly making, optimising and syndicating videos using our Land Grab Video Marketing Package, and then blogging based on Green keywords that we’ve already identified through Keyword Research, and then putting the newly designed website on top.

So, the website is a few weeks from being finished, but the blog is starting to rank everywhere for his target keywords.

Whilst we were talking over the strategy for creating original, unique blog content (Darren was finding it difficult to write content that seemed to be the same every time because, like many Man-with-Van services, he was doing the same things in the same towns multiple times – a common problem. My solution is simple but devastatingly effective (email me if you want to know what it is: I’m thinking of offering it as an ebook/video course).

So, I took a cursory glance at his rankings for Persian Rug Cleaning Henley on Thames, and found that he has 40% of the organic listings on page 1 of google already, taking positions 7 to 10:

SEO that actually works -

What you are seeing here is his existing website at 7, then two YouTube and one Dailymotion listing. Each one of these videos has knocked his competition off the face of page 1 with ease. I normally expect this from Youtube because Google owns Youtube and is often eager to list YT videos, but this is also why Dailymotion is like Terry Butcher – it sweeps the competition to one side and knocks them onto page two.

Even better than that is that Darren’s blog is taking up positions 11, 12 and 13:

Local SEO that Works -

So, that gives him 53.8% of the top 13 positions – and that’s before we’ve even finished designing and implementing his website which will sit on top of his blog in the same way that a car body sites on top of a chassis and engine.

And this is just for one target keyword – the same thing is happening across the board for all his other target keywords.

And if you’ve been paying attention, I’ve already generated a powerful link back to his YT video based on his target anchor text and by embedding that video here I am boosting it’s ranking power even further:

This is what happens when you truly understand the power of optimising and syndicating content, and you use a company like Attwood Digital to take all the heavy lifting out of it for you.

You see, Darren wants to focus on what he does best – and marketing isn’t it. There’s a lot of work that goes into doing all this stuff right, and that’s what we do best. The return on investment for Darren will be significant, no question. We’ve done it a hundred times before and if you follow this blog you’ll already know how we help companies achieve astonishing growth when they invest a little time and money into understanding it and letting us get it done for them.

But I can’t finish this blog without ruminating a little on something that happened at a seminar in London I did with Shaa Wasmund last year. I had started my talk by shaking the room up a bit with John C Parkin’s wonderful F**k It Therapy

After this I showed everyone a similar case study to Darren’s where a client of ours had total market domination and there was this woman in the room who piped up that this was unfair and that Google should not allow it.

She got so irate with the whole Google thing that she left the room and the whole 2 day event.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that she was a public sector worker, and I think she missed the point. As business owners, it is our duty to get as much traffic, conversions and profits as possible within this capitalist system. We’ve got mouths to feed and we have a lot of competition that will usually happily walk right over us if push came to shove.

Personally, I detest the system we’re in and would love to create a harmonic utopia without money, but in the meantime we’re in this system and we’ve got to work within it.

Google is not your friend and it’s not your enemy. It’s just a tool and by understanding how this tool works we can help serve up what Google, and it’s users, want – the most relevant, high quality content we can based on keywords we know will not only bring business to us but also a good experience for Google’s users. If the content that Google currently has for a keyword is average or below average, then all we have to do as business owners is create lots of above average content for Google to list. It’s not rocket science and it’s not immoral, as that woman at the seminar seemed to think it was.

I know that a lot of my readers are not in the position to spend £10k-£20k in one hit on a marketing package that will bring them massive ROI for years to come because most businesses are fairly hand-to-mouth, which is why we have created payment plans for the type of business that Darren is in – it not only splits the cost into affordable monthly amounts but when combined with my Getting You To The Money Faster strategy creates traffic, leads and sales even before websites are built. Let me know if you want to be considered for a package like this?

And if you found this blog by means other than getting an email from me, and you liked the content, just sign up to my free training videos here to ensure you get emailed updates in the future – there’s some really good stuff coming 🙂

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