Online Business Lessons From My 10 Year Old Son

By Mark Attwood | Business

Jun 12

The internet is the world’s biggest economy. We live in an age where anyone can earn a substantial passive income from producing content online.

Take a look at 25-year old Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, otherwise known as YouTube sensation “Pewdiepie”.

His hilarious channel has over 37 million subscribers, and climbing.

According to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he earns over $4m per year – mostly profit – from his share of advertising revenue on his channel.

Pewdiepie earning over $m a year -

Now think about the future of the average kid in the UK. I met a 22 year old last week that said they were £50k in debt.


At the age of 22.

That’s debt slavery, people.

And are they taught anything at school about the nature of money? How to manage money? How to run a household? How to grow organic veggies? How to fix a boiler? Anything useful at all?

No. And it’s by design.

That’s not the future I want for my kids, do you?

Every kid should have an online platform. (Here’s my son’s:

You should have an online platform, if you want to achieve financial independence faster.

Even if you already have a business, it has never been easier to create an online course. Something to act as a second income stream to boost your finances and get you to your goals faster. has over 5 million people actively seeking online courses there on every subject you can think of.

If Seth Godin is on there, you should be paying attention (he is).

Seth Godin's Udemy Course on being a freelancer (

Seth’s online course on being a freelancer has 10,000 students at £45 a pop in less than 2 months. That’s nearly £1/2 million. is growing at breakneck speed. The 20 minute Skill Snacks they have on there are courses that ANYONE could create with just a laptop, microphone and smart phone.
These websites have taken the pain out of finding an audience for your work. You no longer need to be an SEO expert, or a technical genius. Nor do you need deep pockets to spend on PPC advertising on Google or Facebook.

The audience is there. Waiting for you.

The e-learning industry in 2015 is worth $107 billion a year, according to an article in Forbes last year, and it’s growing.

elearning industry worth over $107 billion -

Time for you to get a slice?

(Let me know if you need help on creating a Udemy course. I may run a workshop ☺)


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