WTF – What the Frack?

By Mark Attwood | Business

Jan 25

Do you know what fracking is?

The BBC says: “Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves drilling deep underground and releasing a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals to crack rocks and release gas stored inside.” (source:

Now, called me stupid, but surely cracking rocks and releasing gas stored inside is going to cause all sorts of biblical poisoning of everything around it?


Well, D.C. disagrees (not Washington. Dave. Dave Cameron. Or DC Comics forthwith).

And we should all listen to our glorious, unelected, Etonian, Bullingdon Club leader, should we not?

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(side note: calling him “Dave” was started by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, as far as I know. Which made him sound nice. And friendly. Jeremy and Dave and Rebecca (the one who is allegedly going to get off being in charge of a paper that allegedly hacked into private mobile phone messages) are all chums and neighbours in the Oxfordshire countryside. No point. Just thought I’d mention some completely unrelated facts for no reason whatsoever).

Fracking to destroy UK economy - David Cameron -

You need to understand: I have no interest in party politics.

That is the domain of the moron.

What I am interested in is common sense.

That is the domain of the tiny percentage.

Percentage minimal

(dodgy French accent and spelling probably required)

If this society continues to condone and accept and support unbelievably crass policies such as fracking well, basically, we are all..


If we just view fracking as a business, as DC Comics would have us think, then we really are doomed. It’s time for all of us to realise that every single decision we make collectively should start with this simple idea: is it good for all of us? Yes, or no?

If the answer is “no”. Don’t fracking do it.

Fracking makes no sense for us as a society, as a race, as a group of people.

Yet we sit back and kind of let it wash over us as it is fed to us in squidgy lumps by the BBC et al.

Follow the money. Who is going to profit from fracking? I know it’s not you.

Do you know?

Do you care?

I personally feel duped.

This 21st century is the Kingdom of Dupedom.

Again, follow the money.


Stop reading this and do some research.

Who is doing the fracking? Who owns the companies that are doing the fracking?

You’ll quickly come to the question: why are they doing it if they know it causes so much damage to us? (by “us”, I mean you and me, every tree, every flower, every animal, every single creature and piece of mud within a very large radius, and every living thing that comes into contact within that radius) and then you’ll come to realise that…

They don’t give a frack about us.

And then you’ll realise that includes DC Comics and all his friends. And then you’ll ask yourself “why don’t they give a frack about me? How can any human being not care about me? At all?”

And that’s a tough one. Because they don’t. Which makes you wonder if “they” are even human at all.

So, whether you read this blog as a friend, a business owner or an enemy: it is important to develop a sense of mistrust, is it not?

Not in people, but in stuff, like fracking, that is presented by the BBC as if it’s some Sunday stroll through the park.

It isn’t. It really isn’t.

Only a blind man on a galloping horse looking for a black cat in a dark room that isn’t there, would think that.

For a more intelligent insight than I could ever offer, take a look at George Carlin:

So, without depressing you, dear reader, any further, here is a superb video that explains it all with humour, which, after all, is the most important thing there is, nes pas?


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