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Feb 08

Inspirational People: Ben Hunt Interview

By Mark Attwood | Book Reviews , Inspirational People

Ben Hunt is a geezer. He’s also shit hot at web design. And educating and communicating. We’ve shared many an evening discussing the world, the world of marketing and life in general, and this video from 2010 is us chatting about his book on conversion rate optimisation, Convert!

Ben also runs a brilliant online course called the Pro Web Design course which you can take a look at here:

You can get Ben’s “Save the Pixel” here and Convert! on amazon here:

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Nov 11

“Running Through Corridors” by Toby Hadoke & Rob Shearman

By Mark Attwood | Book Reviews

‘Tis with great pleasure and pride that I announce the release of a new book written by my old friend Toby Hadoke, and the genius that brought the Daleks back to the screen in 2005, Rob Shearman.

OK, I know this is a blog about internet marketing primarily, but that doesn’t mean I always need to stick to the subject, especially as this is the second Doctor Who book I get a mention in (my interview with Sylvester McCoy in 1990 got plenty of references in the 7th Doctor Handbook, but I digress).

Even if you have just a passing interest in the “best TV show ever made”(TM), or have children that love the new version, I highly recommend this book. Having known Toby since we shared digs together in Moss Side back when the police would pull us up regularly for handling gifted goods on Claremont Road at 2am, and having had the pleasure of Rob’s company for one drunken evening when he had me is stitches with his very rude Terrance Dicks impression, I know this book will be a scream. Well done gents, and thank you.