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Dec 04

Dollar Vigilante on the Future of the Eurozone – 4th December Votes in Austria and Italy

By Mark Attwood | Thought Freedom

From Dollar Vigilante. It’s like pre-revolutionary France in Europe at the moment. Check out Jeff Berwick’s analysis of the elections happening in Austria and Italy on 4th December 2016.

The numerology might seem like a stretch to you if you are not familiar with the idea that the whole financial and political world is run on an occult basis, so I’ve included a weird video of Christine Lagarde going on about the “magic number 7”

It’s gonna be interesting…

Here’s that occult message from the IMF…

Sep 14

Do you know what your “strawman” is?

By Mark Attwood | Freedom

I first came across the idea of your legal strawman a few years ago, and although some of the etymology in this video is questionable, it’s an excellent introduction to the ideas behind what is “legal” and what is “law”. If you’re unfamiliar with the concepts behind “Freeman of the Land”, you may find some of the content distressing and shocking but, on the road to personal freedom and personal sovereignty, it’s essential you acquaint yourself with this stuff. Enjoy…

Jul 24

Rethink your beliefs for success

By Mark Attwood | Freedom

Which beliefs hold you back? Often, it’s the ones you don’t even realise are “beliefs”, they’ve been there that long. Here are some thoughts from the beach on beliefs. I’d like to know yours?