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May 10

My thoughts on being a Dad, or a Dad-to-be, and the whole giving birth system in the UK

By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff , Life

Long story short – I met Rosanna Kalliabetsos after a talk I did at the Barbican in London (Rachel Elnaugh’s Prosperity 2013). Rosanna is a yoga teacher, birth educator and mother who specialises in all aspects of perinatal yoga. She teaches Birthlight yoga for conception and pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, and works with couples to prepare them for pregnancy, birth and parenthood. She also teaches yoga for babies and Anusara Inspired hatha classes.

We somehow got round to talking about kids and then, before I know it she’s interviewing me about what I’ve learned about birth in the UK from a Dad’s perspective:

Apr 24

Interesting video from the archives…

By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff

This is Tony Blair vs Nigel Farage from 2005. Points of interest: (1) The way Blair and his companions simply laugh Farage off as if he’s irrelevant. (2) the way that Blair lists the things that membership of the EU and all the good things the EU project will bring with such anger as if Farage is offending the Union Flag by even being there. (3) With the benefit of hindsight from today (especially the economic situation of Greece, Spain, the UK, Iceland etc.) this makes very interesting viewing if only to see what utter nonsense Blair was talking back then. I am ashamed to say that I danced in the streets of Chorlton-cum-Hardy in 1997 when Labout won the General Election because I thought real change was coming. What a con it was…

Then take a look at what the lovely Greeks have been doing to each other recently…

All because of the kind of financial tyranny Blair supported that has seen us all raped.

Time to start thinking beyond the news/media/education mind control and making a stand for our race?


Nov 29

Thanks for the Clean Floor, NuLife

By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff

Just had to say thank you to the guys at NuLife Floor Care for getting our stone flags back up to super-clean perfection. Beautiful job. Highly recommended.

They also make stone cleaning products (yes, that’s me giving them a nice link) – I’ve been to their unit in Stockport and seen them make it. A proper, honest family business started by Brian Philbin about 30 years ago. Lovely people. Thank you.

Nov 29

The most important comedian alive?

By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff

Steve Hughes. An amazing and brave performer. He’s chosen to channel his idea through comedy. Brilliantly. Get to know him…

Here he is performing in Sweden

Steve is a special mixture of someone who knows the truth about the way the world actually works, a love for people as individuals, an understanding that his audience needs to be be led into his ideas, an anger about the reality of how our race is being fucked up the arse. He’s a steel fist in a velvet glove.

We ignore him at our peril.

Feb 12

Thank you Neville Southall

By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff

Hard to describe what meeting a sporting legend is like, especially one as nice as the man who was once hailed as the greatest goalkeeper in the world. I had a fantastic time listening to Neville’s words of wisdom for our new magazine. Here he is with me and Nick in our makeshift studio. It’s already great fun bringing the Goalkeeper Magazine to life. Thanks Nev!

Dec 19


By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff

This story borders on the outrageous, but bear with me.

A couple of years ago a young teenager knocked on our door trying to sell us some wood for the fire. Enthusing about this young entrepreneur, I gladly parted with the cash for a few bags of wood.

Last year, he came again. I agreed to buy some wood from him as before, but then he started making convoluted arrangements that involved me going to his house to get the wood. But it wasn’t there. His attitude had also taken something of a nosedive compared to the previous year, and the warmth I felt towards him was fading, especially as the convenience of a home delivery had been removed.

This year, he telephoned the house a large number of times and sales-pitched my wife for a tonne of the stuff. She replied “I have no idea what a tonne of wood looks like”. They eventually agreed that he would bring a tonne along to the house for my wife to view before making the decision to purchase.

Then, last Saturday we arrived back at the house to find a rather abrupt invoice poking out of the door for £150 – payment MUST be made within 7 days!

It then took us a few minute to then find a tiny pile of wood on the drive.

My wife then sent a text to him (she was starting to feel harrassed and, being the mother of baby twins, really did not need the grief of any kind of confrontation).

Her text said;

“Can you come and pick these logs up please? I don’t feel they are value for money. I never ordered them and to be honest feel slightly harrassed by you.”

To which the young man replied:

“We agreed a time of half past eight this morning and you did not get out of bed? We have other customers to attend to and we needed the use of our trailer and you did not have the decency to come to the door when we agreed that you wanted the logs. If you do not want the logs we will come and collect however you will have to pay us for the fuel prices and cost of time in which we spent getting the wood ready for you. Furthermore, you did order the logs and I believe you have wasted both our time and your time. Please either pay the bill or pay for the time and fuel expenses.”

If she was feeling harrassed before, she certainly was now! We had not ordered the logs and now this boy was bullying us into parting with our cash!

We have enough on our plates, so decided to ignore this and get on with our day.

The next morning there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find the boy with a confrontational look in his eyes being chaperoned by a woman in her fifties.

I looked at him and said “I would like an apology from you for the way you have treated my wife”

He said “you ordered the wood”

I replied that we did not. (What happened to the customer always being right?)

I then politely asked them to take the wood away and leave the property.

The woman then started arguing with me and actually came through the door uninvited and stood in our kitchen with her arms folded leaning against the door!

I was outraged. It was Sunday morning. We have five little children to look after and here I am being harrassed by a haridan and a pubescent moron on my day off!

I was stood some twenty feet away from the woman who was obviously going nowhere. It got to the point when I had to raise my voice to get them to leave. I eventually told them to “piss off”!, which they finally did.

We went out later that day. On our return, the paultry pile of logs had thankfully been removed. We were relieved that this was the end of it and vowed never to entertain that young man again.

But it was not the end of it.

A few days later, this woman had obviously googled me, found my stalkers website (yes, I have an obsessed online stalker who loves to write stories about me. It’s part of the territory when you work on the internet), and left a diatribe of illiterate hate against me.

Obviously, my stalker relished this and replied with more hate about me being evil, my wife being a “vulgar vulture” and us being alcoholics. Although he did mention that we have nice children. Which was nice of him.

For anyone that requires clarification: we have twin baby boys that keep us up all night.

And then, even more bizarrely, on Friday 17th December at 14.03 my wife received a text message from the boypreneur stating: “I suck cock”

I’m sure he meant to say “you suck cock”. Either that or he thought his least favourite ex-customer was a good person to come out as a homosexual to? He should get in touch with my stalker.

They have a lot in common.

I could not help being reminded of that awful man who got kicked off the Apprentice last week. What on Earth is going wrong with our society when morons like that get so far whilst being such obvious twats? It is culture like this and the X Factor breeding arrogant plebs who believe they have a right to success without actually having to earn it.

What happened to respect? Did I miss a meeting?

I have refrained from mentioning any names here, but I wonder if that young man has informed the Inland Revenue of his money making activities….