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Feb 12

Aliens and Pedophiles. The Truth Really is Out There.

By Mark Attwood | Life

Anyone that knows me knows I believe in aliens. Since being a little boy, I could think of no more important question that whether we are alone in the universe. It always seemed obvious to me that we are not alone.

I got used to being an outsider long ago. Ridicule from morons is something I’ve had to live with. The same people that laugh at my alien theories also laughed when I told them Jimmy Saville was a pedophile and that the UK media, especially the BBC, has covered it up (I was told by a drunk “World in Action” reporter at a party 15 years ago).

So the discovery today of this news story, this picture, (this is just the beginning – the Saville stuff will get far darker by the time it all comes out) and the videos I’ve embedded below make me happy, because it does seem we are moving towards the veils of lies that most of us are shrouded in may well be lifted soon.

Nov 26

Where have all the good guys gone?

By Mark Attwood | Life

You know – people that stand up and tell the truth? We’ve got unelected banksters running Greece and Italy, a puppet prime minister in the UK, a patsy supposedly in charge of the USA. All the truth-sayers like JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, Lennon, Diana, John Smith, Robin Cook, Bill Hicks are dead (feel free to add more in the comments). And so is this guy, the most amazing George Carlin. If you never saw George perform, watch this…

Oct 25

Toby Hadoke’s “Now I Know My BBC”

By Mark Attwood | Life

It was a treat to see Toby’s last ever performance of this show at the Lowry Theatre last night. I took my son along for the experience and he was superbly behaved despite not getting any of the references (his ears did prick up at the mention of Doctor Who about 14 times, but he was lost for the rest of the hour 🙂

Toby's latest show

Dec 02

(Almost) Never Look Back

By Mark Attwood | Life

Went to see Madness on Tuesday night. For the first time in 29 years.

My first live gig was as a 12 year old at Bingley Hall, Birmingham. Bob Miles’ Aunt had taken him and two friends for his 12th birthday.

What a treat! We were Madness nutters. Suggs was a demi-God to us back then.

And here I was again. Gone were the stay-pressed trousers, trax shoes, harrington jacket and pineapple stitch jumper. In was a beer belly, double chin, and a bloody big grin.

My wife had come along for the ride, mainly because of the promise of Paul Heaton supporting.

She was a little shocked at the roughness of a lot of the middle aged nutty boys, still squeezing into their two tone T-shirts and shouting abuse at aforementioned former Housemartin. She also discovered she did not enjoy live music unless she knew the songs inside out.

But I had a ball.

The boys were now 50-something, but looking, moving and sounding superb. Especially Suggs, nee Graham MacPherson, the former callow youth hero of my youth, and now nattily dressed in a Saville Row suit and Suggsing it up without every descending into parody.

The thing is about Madness – they are a bloody good band, not just an image. There are some very serious keyboard, sax and guitar skills in the magnificent 7. And somehow, they brought it all together in a SKA format that got to the hearts of the nation back in the early eighties mainly because they sang about life. About school. About losing your virginity. About living at home. About driving cars. About having heart attacks. About the weather. About dirty old men. About love.

Here they are in 1979..

Here’s Bed & Breakfast Man..

Here’s Baggy Trousers…

Here’s their only No.1…

Here’s their cover of Labi Stiffre’s classic (Madness do it better)..

Madness. An Embarrassment of riches.

Thank you.

P.S. If Chas Smash reads this, yes it was me that kissed your feet outside the Boardwalk in 1991. You were there to see the Frank and Walters, I was managing the support band, Bong!

P.P.S. Here they are promoting the tour with Paul Heaton. Go and see them if you can.