How to Lose Stomach Fat Men

By Mark Attwood | Entrepreneurs Fitness Academy

Aug 06
how to lose stomach fat men

How to lose stomach fat men? Hitting 50 has been interesting for many reasons, not least realising that I am actually slowing down a little, which includes if taking longer to lose stomach fat, even when I make a concerted effort to play lots of tennis, stop drinking, cut out the bread and so on…it just takes more time than it used to.

Belly fat in men is more than just unsightly, it’s dangerous.

The fat in your belly is visceral fat, the type that lodges itself down around your organs. This type of fat is actually a metabolically active tissue that functions like a separate organ, releasing chemicals into the rest of your body that can be dangerous to your health.

Heart disease, diabetes and cancer are the three most common diseases that men face when they’re carrying around excess fat in their midsection.

If you’re scouring the internet trying to figure out “how to lose stomach fat men,” let this article be your guide to losing the fat, replacing it with muscle, and keeping it off.

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Best Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat for Men

You can achieve a slimmer look and dramatically improve your health by making a few lifestyle changes. The first change that needs to be made is to what you’re eating.

I know what you’re thinking, as soon as you saw the word “diet” you wanted to run in the other direction. We don’t blame you; most diets just don’t work. Diets tend to either be too restrictive or leave you with a feeling of constant hunger.

Luckily, men can lose stubborn belly fat easily by making small tweaks in their diet that will leave them feeling fuller longer and less likely to binge on foods that add to the waistline.

I found The Underground Fat Loss Handbook pretty useful. Click here to check that out, it’s got some amazing tips.

Here is a quick run-down of what a belly-fat reducing diet for men looks like: 

-Avoid sugary foods and drinks

-Avoid alcohol (or drink in moderation)

-25% of your calories should come from protein

-30% of your calories should come from healthy fats

-45% of your calories should come from healthy carbohydrates

Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat for Men

While diet plays a major role in the amount of belly fat men carry, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. You have to mix in exercise in order to build muscle, lose fat and keep it off.

The best exercise to lose belly fat for men is a highly debated topic, however, we believe in balance. This means your workout routine should include both cardio, or aerobic exercises, as well as strength training.

Cardio, like running, biking or walking, will help burn calories and melt away fat around your waistline. However, if you’re looking to build muscle lose fat, you also need to incorporate strength training into your routine.

You should plan to strength train all the major muscle groups in your body, not just your abdominals, in order to achieve an all-around healthy, strong body.

Muscle naturally works to incinerate fat. A good strength training regimen can help turn your body into a fat-burning machine. 

How to Lose Stomach Fat in a Week

Changing your lifestyle to one that allows you to live your best, healthiest life takes time and commitment. But we know that sometimes you need to slim down quickly.

While I highly recommend implementing a solid long-term strategy to lose stomach fat, if the tuxedo you’re supposed to wear to your daughter’s wedding next week isn’t buttoning, here’s how to lose stomach fat in a week:

-Include 30-60 minutes of intense cardio into your daily routine

  • Avoid carbs (this includes beer, too, guys)
  • Drink 4-5 liters of water every day
  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Avoid refined sugar
  • Make sure protein is the main food group with each meal

Following these tips should help you to whittle your waistline down in a week’s time. Keep in mind that long-term results are only achieved when you make eating right and exercising a part of your daily routine.

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