100% Human Performance

By Mark Attwood | Flying

Dec 15

No, I’m not saying how great I am in the sack.

This blog post relates to a gold star, 100% rating in last night’s Human Performance & Limitations (HPL) Exam.

It wasn’t just me, about half the room got the same result. Which was almost as nice as the celebratory curry we had afterwards (which will no doubt contribute to everyone’s barotrauma today).

For anyone doing PPL ground school and facing this daunting exam, I can summarise it’s contents thus:

1. Stop smoking
2. Stop drinking
3. Stop flying above 10,000′ without oxygen
4. Start believing in God or some other higher purpose to make you calmer in situations when you face certain death (according to Cosgrove)
5. Stop scuba diving before you fly (Jame Bond might have something to say about this one).
6. Stop catching colds.
7. Stop flying into 400kt RAF Tornados (that you won’t see anyway and they won’t see you either so this one is really out of your hands. It’s either death or airprox).

1 out of 7 ain’t bad, I suppose.


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