Solo Sector Reccies

By Mark Attwood | Flying

May 04

OK, the weather has been pants, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of solo sector reccies this week, as my course continues at it’s leisurely pace – leisurely when compared to my first flying course 26 years ago which involved doing 30 hours in 20 days!, which were immense fun.

I’m really becoming rather fond of this little Eurostar. So much so that I’ve started referring to her as my “mistress” or “girlfriend”, always finding the joke far funnier than anyone I tell it to, who usually just look at me bemused as I hold up my iPhone picture to them. For example, I walked into one of my favourite local shops last night..

“Evening Mark”

“Good evening!”

(as I place my chosen goods/wine upon the counter)…”Nice day?”

“I’ve spent the day with my mistress”

Pause, waiting for quizzical look of slight horror.

Bingo. Now hold up iPhone to reveal Eurostar.



“£16.84. Sixteen for cash.”


So, for anyone that is interested here are my attempts to make a picture of a Czech minx purring gently in a the middle of a foreign field look even more interesting…(you can click to enlarge but I warn you they do turn on their side 🙂

Danger! Evektor Eurostar

Logbook Eurostar - I know, it does look photoshopped


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