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I’m not really an after-dinner speaker, I’m more of a teacher. Specifically digital marketing.

I can talk for 20 hours straight on the subject, and frequently have.

For me, it’s all about actionable content, live case studies, true stories and entertainment.

I like to make a geeky subject fun, interesting and as relevant as possible.

I prefer playing to business owners and entrepreneurs than corporate-heads because I don’t censor what I say or how I say it (but if you’re a corporate-head with balls, give me a call. They’ll learn more in an hour with me than 3 years of a digital marketing degree).

I’ve been doing everything from 30 minute talks (I rarely use slides, so you can’t call them “presentations”) to three days immersion workshops, since 2008 and I have no plans to stop.

I’ve trained marketing teams in larger companies, given one-to-one sessions to ambitious entrepreneurs that want the full personal treatment, and inspired rooms full of hundreds of people.

I love teaching and public speaking enormously. I don’t like selling from the stage and I don’t like being censored.

I do give enormous value and love to every crowd I have spoken to, and I find it a real privilege to do so.

These are some of the venues and organisations I have spoken at/for:


Here are some reviews of talks/seminars/workshops I’ve done:

Here’s a clip of me talking at the British Library in 2009:

So, if you’re interested in hiring me, just fill out the form below. When you do, I’ll also send you a free DVD of my 90-minute lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University on SEO and Digital Marketing for free.

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