Life Is Easy


Change Your Inner Voice, Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered if this is all there is?

Have you ever felt frustrated by a lack of success: in relationships, with money, with health and recognition?

Do you feel that life is working against you?

“Life is Easy” is not a glib title for a pompous book of self-congratulation. Quite the opposite.

It is a statement of intent.

If we can learn to think: “Life is Easy”, it can become a lot easier.

This book will show you how I have learned this through my own experiences.

Driven by the simple, commonly held desire to find out “if there is more to life than this” since my conscious spiritual journey began at the age of four when I was visited by what can best be described as demons keen to get me “on their side” – I resisted and spent the next forty years trying to work out what life on Earth is and how it really works.

I was lucky to have a mother who kept telling me that I could do anything until I eventually believed her. Consequently, I found myself as a rare beast: a council-house-reared, state-educated RAF pilot-in-training.

This happened at almost the same time as I had to turn my beloved Dad’s life support machine off. He was 37, I was 17, and he’d suffered from a cerebral brain hemorrhage.

This experience cracked open many of my ingested belief systems and made me not only start to question everything in the world, but also quickly resign my commission once it dawned on me that I was actually being trained to kill people and not just get girls into bed easily with my uniform and job title.

My “reality” then consisted of periods as a poet, a stand-up comic, a journalist, a publisher, a playwright, a theatre director and producer, until I eventually fell into marketing on the internet as a source of income and fulfillment in 1998.

I have since employed over 200 people and generated over £35 million for my own businesses. It has also led me to become a teacher of internet marketing since 2008 which I have discovered is part of my life’s calling – to empower others.

I have discovered that I have been using the law of attraction since I was a little boy, although I did not know that was what it was called back then.

I have also found that when I speak in public, I am often channeled i.e. I have no idea what I’m going to say but seem to be able to talk for hours on end.

It’s not all been a bed of roses. I have made enormous mistakes along the way and have experienced the deaths of many people I was close to through old age, dis-ease and suicide.

Teachers have appeared along the path that have opened me up to the possibilities of the infinite self, and the true nature of reality.

“Life is Easy” is a project I had no choice in starting. It’s a record of my journey that will hopefully help others in realising the fundamental truths that we are all one consciousness and we all have limitless potential.

It all starts with your inner voice.

Every thought you have is an affirmation of who you are.

Our brains and bodies are extremely powerful transceivers and we have the power to create our own Universe, if we did but know it.

I hope you enjoy our journey together.

Love and Peace,

Mark x

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