Stop Drinking Cows Milk – It’s Designed For An Animal With Four Stomachs Not You

By Mark Attwood | Food

Jun 27

Why do we drink so much cow’s milk? Because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking its good for us. It isn’t. It’s bad for us. Really bad.

You know that processed food is worse than useless for your body already, don’t you?

Pasteurised milk is a processed food.

Pasteurised food acidifies your body (very bad) and weakens, not strengthens, your bones.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this and this

It’s just one more product in the massive food fraud perpetuated against the human race. The profits are so vast for products like milk, that they’ve been nobbling (hobbling?) us with this kind of thing for over a century.

Part of the process of making your life easier is waking up to the truth about the foods we consume. Drinking pasteurised cow’s milk is like putting diesel into a petrol car. Our bodies just ain’t designed for it.



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