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Jul 07

A brief video that explains how the Law of Attraction works for me and a simple tip on how you can get it working faster for you.

For someone who was terrified of water and could not swim until I was 11, I am over the moon to report that I can now stand up on a surfboard. In the water. Whilst it is moving.

I remember being in intensive care in 2001 with a suspected cardiac “event” and reaching 18 stone thinking I was past it, and probably not long for this Earth. Well, I’m not. Even better is that my 10, 8 and 7 year olds are now also surfers, which is a gift I am so pleased to be able to give them.

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Massive thanks to our brilliant teacher Karim Rhouli who has also shown us some of the most incredibly beautiful parts of the coast of Morocco these past three days. Check Karim’s Morocco Surfing website if you want an incredible adventure for yourself.

While I was in the water I kept saying to myself “Why am I so good at surfing?”. It worked. Within minutes, I was standing up after having the limiting belief that it was not something I could ever do.

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