I Break Rules

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

Aug 19

Rules have always annoyed me, since I was a kid. Especially rules that do not make sense. I mean, who makes this shit up anyway?

Rules that are in place to serve other peoples’ agenda are my particular bugbear. Take rules at school, for example. What are they for? On the surface, having a rule to wear a uniform can seem perfectly reasonable. It saves wear and tear of the kids cool clothes. It means that everyone can look smart. It means that kids can take pride in their school, wearing the same colours and emblem of their organisation.

I remember a time when I believed this load of old bollocks.

Uniforms on kids are all about militarising them. Making them obedient. Crushing their individuality and creativity. That’s the agenda of the education system in the 20th and 21st Century. That’s why they don’t teach anything useful at school. And the really sad part is, the parents and teachers all buy into it because they were brainwashed by the same rules when they were kids. I want to shake these people by the shoulders and shout “Wake up!” into their ears.

If you think I’m talking crap, you need to wise up. Take a look at this excellent book by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt – former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education. She blew the whistle on government activities in The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (and don’t think Europe and the rest of the world has escaped this agenda). You need to watch this phenomenal talk by the world’s leading thinker in Education, Ken Robinson:

Think about your own obedience. In particular in relation to the financial industry, or any large organisation that sends you bills on a regular basis, like the utility industry. What happens if you are late paying a bill? You get a red letter. Red letters send most people into a state of ridiculous fear and stress. It’s only red ink!

And where did you learn your fear of red ink? That’s right. School.

The vast majority will pay (if they can) whenever a red letter is sent. The bill issuer knows this and in the majority of cases gets most of it’s late payments in for the cost of a stamp and some A4 (not forgetting the red ink). But what happens if you ignore this letter? You get a black letter full of threats like

“If you don’t pay within XX days we will come to your property and seize your goods”

Then what happens? Another percentage shit themselves and cough up.

Next stage: bailiffs/thugs.

They come to your door and demand payment.

BUT, if you don’t answer their questions (and therefore not enter into a contract with them), ask them for their ID on video, tell them you refute their implied right of access, ask them for a copy of the contract between them and you – they have to bugger off because they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. But, the fear they instill into the hearts of most honest people means they get results for their robber baron bosses.

Fear is not a natural state of mind. Humans are designed to be full of Love and peace. Those that control us know this and know exactly how to manipulate us. With fear. Say no. Stand up. Stop watching TV. Stop reading the newspapers. Eat organic, nutrient-rich foods. Follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t achieve something. Become the sovereign human being you were born to be.

Fuck rules.

Break rules.

break rules


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