You deserve a good life. Ask for it.

By Mark Attwood | Law of Attraction

Jan 26

You Deserve a good life - ask for it -

Well, how many of you don’t feel like you deserve a good life? I’ve got news for you. You do. All you’ve got to do is ask, and believe that you deserve one. Any notion that you don’t was put there by someone else.

If you feel like you don’t, start to shake that thought off right now.

Think about where it comes from.

Who told you you weren’t good enough?

Fuck ’em. Let them go. Right now.

You are beautiful and brilliant and there ain’t anyone else like you on this whole planet. Look in the mirror and say “I love you. I love life and life loves me”.

Do it every day.

Even if you don’t truly believe at the beginning, you will eventually, and it will become true, cos that’s the way it works 🙂


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