Synchronicity and the Caterpillar

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

Aug 27

Are you noticing synchronicity more and more?

For example, here’s a tweet from yesterday (26/8/13) from my friend Toby Hadoke:

Synchronicity Tweet

This might ring true with you. You know, you’re thinking of someone then 5 minutes later they call you. Weird. Except it’s not really weired. It happens to me that often that it’s normal. So normal, that I sometimes don’t notice it, or I’m so busy with day-to-day life that I just smile and don’t take the time to record it.

This morning, I came down into the kitchen to make my morning brew (a slice of lemon in hot water), and noticed a small green caterpillar climbing up the side of a cupboard. I gently removed it and placed it in the more appealing confines of the dew-covered grass in the garden and wished it well.

Three minutes later I was checking my twitter account on my phone, which I do every morning. Because of the time of day it’s when I get an influx of American tweets, busy from the night before.

Before I knew it, I had clicked on a tweet from Deepak Chopra which linked to this video…


Which kind of followed on nicely from a video I watched last night from David Wilcock about the contents of his new book, The Synchronicity Key, which I am expecting amazon to drop on my doorstep today.

Interesting times indeed.


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