What kind of life do you really want?

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

Oct 14

This article was originally published on Facebook. It hit a nerve going by some of the responses it got. Although my work is centred around internet marketing, I find myself getting a lot deeper with my clients because their issues are usually far more than simply the mechanics of whether a website works for them or not. To me, it is ultra important we understand what we are doing here and what kind of world we are contributing towards, especially as entrepreneurs because we are responsible for shaping our reality and the reality of those we serve. If this article resonates with you, or if you disagree, please comment below and share. Thank you x

What Kind of Life do you really want?

There are so many words used in our language that subjugate us without us knowing we’re being subjugated like “the theatre of war”…I was in the RAF being trained to kill people in the very same theatre.

It never struck me, as a 17 year old, what this meant, but I’ve come to realise it is literal – a theatre.

And what does a theatre have? A producer, a writer, a director, an audience and a bunch of actors – mostly just learning their lines.

As a military cadet I was well indoctrinated and things like the “Official Secrets Act” seemed very important to me at the time. But when you realise that they are trying to shut you up about discussing anything you experience in the military, when you realise that you are constantly swearing allegiance to an entity (the Crown in my case) that actually has no legal or moral rights over you, when you realise that millions of people, hundreds of millions of people, have died horribly and unnecessarily in wars that were created and directed and produced like plays on the stage, there comes a point when you have to stand up and say no.


That is what I did in 1989, and what has driven me to try and understand this crazy world.

What I have understood is that the people of the world are utterly beautiful, full of love, compassion, fairness, and brilliance.

Totally capable of achieving anything their imagination desires, whatever their initial circumstances.

It is the constant fear-war that is waged upon us, and the institutionalised version of reality that is imposed upon us from birth that stops us reaching out true potential as individuals, and as a race.

Therefore, it begs the question – who or what is really controlling us? Who or what is really creating this level of reality where people like me, at one point in my life, thought it was OK or indeed even funny, to drop bombs on people (I never did, by the way – got out before that moment arrived).

It’s a question that is really the biggest question of my life.

I have put things on Facebook that are about my pets, my kids and my life that people love to “Like” and comment on.

I have also put things on here about other subjects such as chemtrails, food, vaccinations, the royal family, the government…these have got people so angry it is weird to me. I’ve only ever wanted to raise a discussion. To question mainstream thinking… but all I’ve got is either silence or abuse.

The point is, and I think the point for all of us, is that we know, intrinsically know, that stuff ain’t right – even if you’ve yet to admit that to yourself. You feel it in your bones, don’t you?

The fact is that none of us on here really know the “truth” about the world, and some of us even have solid arguments that one person’s truth is another’s fantasy.

What is definitely true is that most of our friends would rather comment on a funny cat video than engage in real discussion about what’s really going on in the world.

Because it’s social media, we get bogged down in our own indoctrination and, ironically, few of us move on intellectually because we become entrenched in ideas that was actually put there in our childhood.

So the social aspect of the media fails us as a species.

I advocate free thinking.

I advocate a world full of people free of fear.

I advocate a world full of children pursuing their talents and their passions instead of following a rigid structure of tests that will mean nothing to them. and enslave them emotionally, physically and financially for the rest of their lives.

I advocate the wiping off of all debts globally, personal and institutional.

I advocate the abolition of money, because money is simply debt and slavery. (If you don’t believe me, take a look at the words on the English notes. Take a look at the masonic pyramid on the $1 bill)

I advocate that every child is taught how to grow vegetables, and what nutrition really is (it will stop the cancer rate going though the roof, and us all losing so meany loved ones so unnecessarily).

I advocate the destruction of the current establishment – the banks, the houses of parliament, the white house, the senate, the royal families, the vatican – they are all so corrupt we must build new structure that represent our future not our past.

I advocate that we recognise that there is a small group of psychopaths that are trying to destroy us through disinformation, actual actions that are killing us, the planet and every creature on it and we should put them up on trial.

They have killed and destroyed the lives of so many people over so long that we must treat them with humanity and love to overcome their actions, because the opposite will drive us further down the pit.

I advocate the end of multi-national corporations, the oil industry, GMOs and anything that threatens the balance of humanity with the Earth, which is our sacred home and best friend.

We are in a time of incredible change. More than any time in the history that we currently know (which may or may not be the actual history of this planet).

What’s for sure is that there is massive change happening one way or another in the next 20 years.

One version is full of RFIDs, cybernetics, Disney, brainwashing media, football, satanic pedophiles making decisions for us (that’s actually been here for a long while), phones that listen to our every conversation and track our every move even when they’re off (already here), national agencies designed to spy on us through the net, through phone calls, texts, email, facebook posts (including this one, but I don’t give a fuck), TVs that watch you, nanobots, weather weapons (been here for years), disinformation, distrust (already here), real heroes being murdered (here for years), false flags ( google “operation gladio“)… it’s huge list that could go on and on.

But it’s not for me, that life.

I’d rather die.

The other version is a world where we take responsibility for ourselves.

Where we recognise our divine right of sovereignty.

Where science is not controlled by dogma.

Where we are free to travel, to love, to have adventures on this tiny beautiful blue dot in the cosmos.

What will you choose, friends on Facebook?


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