Interesting video from the archives…

By Mark Attwood | Family & Stuff

Apr 24

This is Tony Blair vs Nigel Farage from 2005. Points of interest: (1) The way Blair and his companions simply laugh Farage off as if he’s irrelevant. (2) the way that Blair lists the things that membership of the EU and all the good things the EU project will bring with such anger as if Farage is offending the Union Flag by even being there. (3) With the benefit of hindsight from today (especially the economic situation of Greece, Spain, the UK, Iceland etc.) this makes very interesting viewing if only to see what utter nonsense Blair was talking back then. I am ashamed to say that I danced in the streets of Chorlton-cum-Hardy in 1997 when Labout won the General Election because I thought real change was coming. What a con it was…

Then take a look at what the lovely Greeks have been doing to each other recently…

All because of the kind of financial tyranny Blair supported that has seen us all raped.

Time to start thinking beyond the news/media/education mind control and making a stand for our race?



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