Aliens and Pedophiles. The Truth Really is Out There.

By Mark Attwood | Life

Feb 12

Anyone that knows me knows I believe in aliens. Since being a little boy, I could think of no more important question that whether we are alone in the universe. It always seemed obvious to me that we are not alone.

I got used to being an outsider long ago. Ridicule from morons is something I’ve had to live with. The same people that laugh at my alien theories also laughed when I told them Jimmy Saville was a pedophile and that the UK media, especially the BBC, has covered it up (I was told by a drunk “World in Action” reporter at a party 15 years ago).

So the discovery today of this news story, this picture, (this is just the beginning – the Saville stuff will get far darker by the time it all comes out) and the videos I’ve embedded below make me happy, because it does seem we are moving towards the veils of lies that most of us are shrouded in may well be lifted soon.


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