Morocco Diaries 6 – Building a Beldi Hamman

By Mark Attwood | Moroccan Diaries

Sep 20

So, we liked the Hamman at Hafida’s house so much, we asked her husband, Abdel, to come and build on for us at home. He said something along the lines of:

“I will build you the best hamman I have ever built!”

Which was nice.

So here he is measuring out the plot:

The next day, he’d split hundreds of bamboo trees and created the main chamber:

Here they are laying the floor plan:

Laying the plans for the Hamman onto the ground -

and here’s Abdel and Abdul laying the foundations…

Abdel and Abdul laying the foundations of the hamman -

and Joe and Abdel inside. It’s quite roomy!

Abdul and Joe inside the fledgling Hamman

One thing you learn about living in Morocco is Morocco-time. It’s not the same as UK time.

Want to meet at 4pm? Call it 6pm.

A hamman built in your garden in 7 days? Read 3 weeks.

It’s just different here. People live in the present moment and time doesn’t really mean anything. It would drive most people I know nuts, but we’re kind of getting used to it.


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