Azon Funnels – An quick and easy way to create affiliate links within Facebook’s own ecosystem.

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

Jun 12

Azon Funnels - A possible new market leader?


Even the standard plans have all the option to get up and running, with the most expensive plans bulging with options.

User Friendly

Everything about this is easy - Azon's hosting cloud does all the work for you - just enter a keyword!

Value for Money

Value for the lower plans could be better, but as you know, you pay for quality.

My Azon Funnels Review - How a new affiliate store is taking the Facebook Messenger game to a whole new level

Facebook has always had huge potential as an affiliate store area. Everyone I know uses it, and now even more so with Messenger. I can really see the need for a Messenger related store, and Azon Funnels has to be leading the charge. 


Azon funnels is an exciting piece of software. It is a brand new way of selling Amazon products from right inside of Facebook Messenger by creating affiliate stores that are 100 unique to the keywords that Messenger users type into their chat! My AzonFunnels Review​

Azons funnels is a great way to let people buy products through your affiliate links. It can be used to create your own website whch revolves around a specific keyword of your choosing, and then give the viewer the option to buy any of the products (and get you your commission!). My AzonFunnels Review​

It can also be used through what I feel is its USP; Facebook Messenger. Azon Funnels give you the great option of creating an affilliate store from right inside the Facebook ecosystem, with a keyword that you supply. By using Azon Funnels, you will also be able to pick, choose and alter the standard template for your affiliate site, setting you apart fromthe other, bland stores that dominate the marketplace.

  • Easy to use
  • Very fair pricing options
  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Ability to become a reseller
  • Standard only gives 3 stores
  • Not released yet!


Azon Funnels offer many diffferent plans for all types of users. Their standard plan, ‘Front End’ lets you open 3 stores for the small price of $30, and goes all the way to their OTO 4 offer, which makes it possible to open 10 stores on your own custom, private domain and another 10 on Azon Funnels own hosting server. With the OTO 4 plan, you can create affiliate stores using SMS, and even generate them with advanced voice recognition software!

If you, like many other successful people, feel like you have what it takes to become a salesperson, you can become an official reseller for the Azon Funnels stores! For a limited time offer $97 (usually $97 every month), Azon Funnels will grant you a sought after license create affiliate stores on behalf of your customers, giving you the potential to make more money than you imagined. My AzonFunnels Review​

So, What do you think?

I like using SyndBuddy, but I also understand that that does not mean that you will! First, click the big ORANGE button. Once you have the software, dont be afraid to leave a comment, tweet or share to let us know what you think about the software! Good or Bad, it is always nice to hear other peoples opinions!


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