PrintProfits – automated eCommerce with Print-on-Demand

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

Jun 13

PrintProfits - A valuable helping hand when starting a business


The course has many features, teaching you how to use print on demand and other useful plans.

User Friendly

Yes, with plenty of business blueprints to help you along.

Value for Money

The course is quite cheap, and you have the ability to win free entry as well!

PrintProfits -  Print on Demand Ecommerce

E-Commerce can be complicated, especially getting your business off the ground. PrintProfits aims to help this, by giving you a guide on what to do!


PrintProfits is a all new training course which shows you how to build a 100% automated eCommerce business, using nothing other than print-on-demand. Founded by Fred Lam and Michael Shih, they promise that by using their course you will get access to a never seen before business model, and provide solutions to the challenges that you might face.

PrintProfits aims to help their students overcome some of the may obstacles that they many face, such as:

  • ​How does on build a highly profitable business when there is so much competition?
  • How can you start to sell product, when you don't have a huge budget?
  • How to dominate Facebook ads, and sell unique products?

Print-on-Demand Benefits:

So, I hear you asking, what actually is Print-on-Demand, and why use it?

Print on demand is a business process in which copies of your product will not be printed until such a time as you actually receive an order.

  • You hold nearly no inventory, as you only print as you need it.
  • There will be no competition as your product should and will be unique.
  • All you need to do is focus on selling the product; all fulfillment will be taken care of by a 3rd party.

Breaking it down:

PrintProfits is broken down into 8 modules, each showing you how to succesfully turn your business into a profitable one.

Each module is a video course, which shows you how to quickly and easily launch your own print-on-demand business using PrintProfits proven 3 step process – Design, Product and traffic.

Throughout those modules, you will see countless case-studies, blueprint formula, and different templates which can be implemented into your business straight away to achieve immediate success.

The first module starts on the 11 July, with an encore on the  13 July, so sign up now to make sure you don't miss out​!


If you purchase the course through my links in the BIG ORANGE BUTTON,  just email ( your receipt to claim the following exclusive bonuses:

1. A Free copy of my book "The Best Digital Marketing Strategy in the World (Probably)" - A 164 page, colour illustrated distillation of my 20+ years digital marketing journey and the exact strategies I used to generate $70 Million for a real-world UK business using online marketing.

2. Access to my Galaxy Club, an online Members Area which contains over 15 hours of 5-star rated video training covering all the strategies I used to generate over $70m

This VIP area includes my 5-hour Digital Marketing foundation video course, covering:

  1. Effective keyword research
  2. Website Architecture that makes more money
  3. How to maximise conversion rates
  4. Why WordPress is king
  5. Using Google Adwords as your Profit Laboratory
  6. Facebook and auto responders for list building profits
  7. Effective video marketing - ranking at no.1 all over town
  8. How SEO really works (and how to make money from it)


  • 30 + Exclusive world class training videos to compliment the training in my Book.
  • Each chapter of the book has a complementing video section, so you can follow what you are being thought with real life, visual examples.
  • Full access to me and my team, with offices in Marrakech, London, Manchester and Ireland.


​As if all of that wasn't enough, you will also get access to:

  • Over 8 hours of live seminar videos from the vaults from my talks at Manchester Metropolitan University, the British Library and at "The Art of Blogging for Business" seminar.

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