SociVids Review – a great tool to increase sales inside Facebook

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

Jun 29

Wouldn’t it be very, very useful indeed if you could put a call to action, a link, a paypal button, an email collector right on your videos, instead of asking people to leave by clicking on a link? In terms of Facebook marketing, this would be mega-useful because people born within the walls of the blue megacity fear to tread outside into the wilds of the free internet, which is why I am wholeheartedly recommending you take a moment to look at what SociVids could do for your business.

My SociVids review goes like this – getting into the software and watching the training videos took about 20 minutes and it’s really easy to use. I made one mistake of putting the start times in my YouTube videos in the format 1.01 instead of 1:01 and thought I’d found a glitch. I emailed support (which actually goes directly to the software creator, Brett Rutecky) and he replied within minutes, pointing out my error without laughing. Thanks Brett 🙂

So then I decided to test the lower thirds feature which allows you to put a link directly into your video, which you can see in my on-page SEO Guide ebook promotional video below. The link comes up at 0:30, although you can’t see the time on this because of the settings I’m using, so you’ll just have to count 🙂

I have long said that every click is a barrier to a sale, and I think that is truer now than ever before. The fact is that until this software came out the best you could do on Facebook was tell people to click on a link or show them a link – if the link, or the email sign up, or the paypal button is directly on the video, you’re just greasing the pathn even more which can only result in one thing: more results for you.

Also, boosting a post on FB is often way cheaper than creating adverts, so I’m liking that part of it too.

I think this has incredible potential for local business marketing on FB. If you are one of our Land Grab Video Package customers, you need to get them all on FB using this software (email me if you want Attwood Digital to do this for you).

I have a niche FB page with 10,000 Likes that I’m going to test using someone else’s product video from YouTube and an affiliate link from Amazon to see how that works. Will report back soon…

If you want to check the software out for yourself, click on this link: SociVids


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