SyndBuddy Summer Sale – Can this really automate your SEO?

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

Jun 12

SyndBuddy - SEO made easy


Ability to get real social interactions from real people.

User Friendly

The software seems to be quite user friendly, with an easy to use interface.

Value for Money

The package itself is a fair price, but unless you are willing to share hundreds of websites on your own Facebook page, credits might become expensive.

My SyndBuddy Summer Sale review - Can SEO actually be this simplified?

I have long been involved in SEO practices and have seen it change over time. It is arguably the most important thing (other than content) when starting a website, so this cloud based application seemed very interesting to me.


Syndbuddy is a cloud based application which enable you to obtain social signals and shares, real backlinks and syndication for all of your website, online videos and even stores. It does it by using a credit system, where a user can earn and spend credits by sharing anothers links, or getting your links or viedeos shared respectively. What sets this application apart from others is that it you get real shares from real people on real platform!

How it Works:

While​ constructing my SyndBuddy Summer Sale Review, I found that my favourite part of the software is its credit based system. Users can purchase credits that can be used for promoting their own websites, and by giving these to other, real people, they will perform a social interaction(Tweet, Share, Bookmark etc) in return!

And the best part is, rather than having to keep buying these credits to use, you can instead share or tweet about someone else's website and earn the credits from them! This means if you don't have to spend any money if you don't wish to!

These shares, likes and bookmarks are what is proven to boost your page rankings, and using SyndBuddy is a legitimate means of getting these without having to resort to less ethical methods.

My computer doesn't run Windows, will SyndBuddy work for me?

Yes! One of the best things things about SyndBuddy is that it works on all platforms (Linux, Windows, MAC etc) without hassle. SyndBuddy is a web based platform so the only requirement is an internet connection.

My Experience

I understand that a lot of people never use the software in which they write reviews about, but SyndBuddy is software that I use in my Digital Marketing business every day. Alongside SyndLab (Joshua Zamoras other excellent software), SyndBuddy has been unmeasurably helpful for our SEO process and creating social shares. It simplifies a process which otherwise would have taken hours, into genuinely just minutes. I highly recommend anyone who is involved with SEO, or even just wants tto get their own webpages ranking to give this software a go.

Features of SyndBuddy:

  • A credit system that can get you real social interactions from differant IP addresses all around the world.
  • Get social bookmarks.
  • Achieve Facebook shares from REAL people.
  • Increase your page rankingthorugh Tweets about your website.
  • Obtain thousands of genuine views for your website or videos.
  • SyndBuddy is a buddy system after all, so you can help grow other users sites as well!
  • Great bonuses that would otherwise be valued at hundreds of Dollars!

How to use your credits:

Each credit your either earn or spend can be used for different things:

- 1 credit

  • Google +1 Share
  • Tweet about the site

- 2 Credits

  • 1 Like from Facebook

- 3 Credits

  • A Facebook users to share your content onto their own wall.

As you can see, the credit amount differs for interactions of varying importance. For an interaction like a view or social bookmark, it may only cost 1 credit. But, for a Facebook share, which is most valuable to a website, it cost up to 3 credits.

So, What do you think?

I like using SyndBuddy, but I also understand that that does not mean that you will! First, click the big ORANGE button. Once you have the software, dont be afraid to leave a comment, tweet or share to let us know what you think about the software! Good or Bad, it is always nice to hear other peoples opinions!


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