VidFuse – Editing for Vlogging made easy!

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

Jun 13

VidFuse - A reasonably priced editing suite.


VidFuse seems to have a lot of good and helpfull features.

User Friendly

Although I haven't used it, from what I am reading it seems to be very user friendly and easy to use.

Value for Money

When compared to some of the more popular video editing softwares, VidFuse seems quite reasonably priced.

My VidFuse Review - Can this change Vlogging for everyone?

I have always thought that Vlogging and video editing was complicated and even expensive for the average person. Hopefully this web application is going to help those people who struggle.


VidFuse is a new application, available on both web and mobile, to let you create, edit and publlish content for vlogs in the most simple way possible. Vidfuse gives its users the ability to capture the videos, edit, and then publish them accross all the big video hosting websites with a single click. VidFuse Review

VidFuse is an application ripe with features to help Vloggers get started and take control of their segment. Here are some of th efeatures that are going to help them do that.


What are VidFuses defining features?

1. Available on web and mobile

VidFuse is a fully featured web based application, meaning no software need be downloaded. VidFuse Review

2. Easy to use editor tool

VidFuse uses a very simple and intuitive drag and drop feature to add content to your videos.

3. One-Click video distribution

With a single click, you can publish your new video across all the largest video platforms.

4. Schedule Posts

Pro users can access the ability to schedule their video release times! This means you can set them to publish at a time that will have the most impact.

5. Access to industry leading Vloggers.

VidFuse gives its pro users the ability to talk to some of the worlds biggest YouTubers, all with over a million subscribers! They will show you how the achieved their success, and then show you how to do it to!

  • Cheap
  • Easy way to publish across different platforms
  • Schedule postings
  • Access to successful Vloggers to discuss tactics
  • Have to pay to access Vloggers and scheduling
  • Free version only gives 1GB storage


VidFuse gives its users 2 pricing options, One free and the other Pro version is paid.


  • 1GB Storage
  • VidFuse watemark on your content
  • 5 Video Limit


  • 1TB Storage
  • No Watermark
  • Unlimited video
  • Bonus - How to become and expert Vlogger tutorial!

VidFuse will launch on 12th July 2018


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