Shaa Wasmund’s Expert Growth Hacking System

By Mark Attwood | Speaking Events

Mar 29

A fantastic couple of days in London at Shaa’s “Expert Growth Hacking System”.

Shaa takes seminars/workshops to a new level with incredible attention to detail from the seminar workbook design, to the little touches like ice breaker cards, not to mention the brilliant way she organises and presents her work.

A total honour and pleasure to be able to spend 90 minutes blitzing through some SEO and internet marketing – I tried to make it entertaining and information packed. I know some people will have lost some of that in the speed of the delivery, but fear not, I’m recording “The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing” on Monday – a new 6 hour online course for, you guessed it, technophobes.

Big thanks to the brilliant crew, including Matt Thomas, Amanda Clarke, Thao Dang, Leigh Ashton, Kelly Dunworth, Theo van Dort, Glenn the AV man, Rob the camera jockey, Danielle Marchant

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Photo: Danielle Marchant

Photo: Danielle Marchant


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