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May 19

Great Reviews from New Zealand for Toby Hadoke

By Mark Attwood | Uncategorized

When I’m not internet marketing, I can obviously be found directing and producing hit comedy shows around the world!

I am very proud of the fact that my good friend and co-conspirator, Toby Hadoke, is currently treading the boards in New Zealand with a show we worked on together called “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf”. I’ve blogged about this before, but Toby’s just emailed me from NZ with the reviews – all good, I’m pleased to add!

This show was first performed in our living room to myself, my wife Katy and her sister Louise. We witnessed the birth of a minor phenomenon because this show just won’t die! It’s been all over the UK and in Florida and California, on BBC radio (got nominated for a Sony Award – you can buy it from Amazon) and is now going down well with our antipodean cousins.

Check the reviews out here:

If you’re in NZ – go check it out!