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May 11

Vidnami Review (formerly Content Samurai) – Just Indispensable as Far as Video Marketing is Concerned

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

Content Samurai Review by

Vidnami/Content Samurai -

Video Marketing Software Par Excellence


I'd like to see more features, but what it does do, it does very well.

User Friendly

Honestly, it doesn't really get any easier. Totally intuitive. If you can use Word, you can use this

Value for Money

Not as good value as it could be, but I can only tell you that if you actually use this software, it will pay you back 1000X

My Vidnami Review - These Guys Kick Video Backside All The Way Down The Hill and Back

I was one of the early beta-testers for the Content Samurai Team in Australia back in 2008 and I've been following their work ever since. Content Samurai is now Vidnami - simply the easiest, most intuitive Video Content software in the world...let me explain why...

Summary: From the team that brought us the game-changing keyword tool, Market Samurai and the domainers tool, Domain Samurai, Vidnami is one of the world's best sales video creation (and more) software.  Easy for anyone to use!

Before I get into the features, let's just talk results. Here is a Content Samurai video we created in literally 5 minutes for the PayDay Loan Claims market in the UK:

We created a livestream of this prerecorded video and got it to the top of YouTube for it's target keyword within a matter of minutes:

Payday loan claims

Payday loan claims

And, within 7 days of uploading (this review was written on the 11th May 2018), it was also appearing on at position 27 out of 805,000 results:

payday loan claims on google

payday loan claims on google

If you're new to SEO, you might not be that impressed, but believe me, this is impressive. Do you think the video will rank on page 1 of Google soon? Hell yes! There are a whole load of video SEO techniques employed with this that I've not got time to go through in this review, but you can learn about through any of my online courses or by reading my book: "The Best Digital Marketing Strategy in the Galaxy (Probably)" - there's a whole chapter in there 🙂

If you've not seen the video that explains how it works, there's no better way of finding out than from the antipodean horses mouth:

I've a few more things to add to this review, which I will over the next few days. I've published it now because "imperfect action is always preferable to perfect inaction" so, while the spiders get to work on this I'll have a break and fill you in with more stuff very soon. In the meantime, just got and get the 7 day free trial by clicking the BIG SPINNY orange button that I took ages to animate for you - it's a total no-brainer. If you don't like it, cancel - zero risk. If you do, you will thank me (but ONLY if you take action and start making some bloody videos, alright?)