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Jun 15

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: The Human Condition

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

I have to thank my old friend Matt Campbell for sending me this excellent clay animation version of Plato’s classic allegory for the human condition.

It is particularly relevant to me right now as yesterday over a pub lunch the landlady was bemoaning the state of the weather. I pulled out a picture on my phone I had taken a week ago whilst driving back from a holiday in France. It showed a vast array of chemtrails in the sky.

Chemtrails outside Portsmouth 070613

I said “It’s these” to which she said “What? Aeroplanes?”

“Did you see trails like this 10 years ago?”

“There weren’t any planes about then”, she said.

A man across the room piped up “They say it’s the gulf stream. It’s moved across. That’s what they say”

I wanted to say “Who exactly are they?”, but continued to much my salad and steak quietly instead.