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Jul 08

Dream It First Then Live It

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

On the surface, a simple idea. Dreaming it is the beginning. Taking action on that dream is the live it part. You really do have the power to create anything you want in life. Your mind is a transmitter and a receiver. What you transmit into the Universe, you get back. It’s more than just positive thinking though. You need to hold on to that thought, feel it, take action towards it and let go of it emotionally – all at the same time.

As we are all one consciousness, part of a living Universe, we have the collective power to change the course of the world completely, if only we were not so brilliantly and effectively divided by cosmically inconsequential things.

Most people see a poster with something like this on it and immediately think of material things, like cars or money.

Dream higher than that.


Jun 28

Everything Is Possible

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy , Spirituality

Everything. That’s quite a big statement, isn’t it? I’m not saying I’ve achieved everything I wanted, but I know that what I have achieved seemed impossible before I tried – more to those around me than to me because I believed, and still do believe, that everything is indeed possible.

If this seems like something you wished you could believe but simply can’t, the best exercise is to put this print on your wall and read it every day, out loud, at least seven times. When you read it out, feel it to be true.

It won’t feel true at the beginning but you can train your mind so it starts believing what you tell it to believe.

Every thought you have is an affirmation, and most of those thoughts are negative. Tell your mind who’s in charge. Start today.


Jun 27

Stop Drinking Cows Milk – It’s Designed For An Animal With Four Stomachs Not You

By Mark Attwood | Food , Life Is Easy

Why do we drink so much cow’s milk? Because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking its good for us. It isn’t. It’s bad for us. Really bad.

You know that processed food is worse than useless for your body already, don’t you?

Pasteurised milk is a processed food.

Pasteurised food acidifies your body (very bad) and weakens, not strengthens, your bones.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this and this

It’s just one more product in the massive food fraud perpetuated against the human race. The profits are so vast for products like milk, that they’ve been nobbling (hobbling?) us with this kind of thing for over a century.

Part of the process of making your life easier is waking up to the truth about the foods we consume. Drinking pasteurised cow’s milk is like putting diesel into a petrol car. Our bodies just ain’t designed for it.


Jun 25

We Are One Consciousness

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy , Spirituality

One of the most extraordinary delusions we humans live under is the belief that we are separate. Separate from each other, separate from the planet, separate from our creator and separate from the Universe.

The Universe is one great big living organism and you, me, the Earth and everything in the heavens are all part of one system, even if it is, as even mainstream science is starting to realise, one great big hologram.

Once we realise we are all one, we can get past all this fussing and fighting and inequality and start to build the life we should be living. Right now.


Jun 06

Want A Better Life? Stop Reading Corporate News

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

One of the single biggest improvements in my life came when I stopped habitually consuming mainstream news, or MSM as it is popularly known on the internet these days.

There are a number of problems with the MSM, which I’ll be as brief as I can about:

1. It is full of lies (but you knew that, right?)
2. Those lies have an agenda behind them (bet you’re not so sure about that one)
3. The agenda does not include anything good for you or me. As in very bad for you and me.
4. Just by reading it or watching it you are being manipulated so subtely you won’t even notice it, or believe you are beyond that kind of manipulation (you’re not)
5. All those local radio stations, niche magazine, local newspapers etc. you think give you a well balanced view point are, in fact, owned by a cartel of extremely large companies who, at the very least, are higly connected to the establishment and other corporations who want to sell you stuff that ain’t good for you.
6. The BBC is not an impartial organisation, whatever it tells you.

Just try it. Try and cut yourself loose from all MSM for two months. Take the TV out of the living room, turn the radio off, cancel the papers, tell that bloke handing out the Metro at the traffic lights to bugger off. See how you feel. I promise you will feel a lot better.