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Dec 10

PPL iPhone Apps

By Mark Attwood | Flying

Learning to fly? Got an iPhone? Then you need to get yer mitts on these apps from a company called The Great Circle or get them from the iPhone apps store here.

Very cool and very useful, especially for revising when you’re sat around in the dentists looking for something more interesting to read than Hello! or Cosmopolitan (there are only so many ways to have an orgasm one can read about before it gets very boring).

Careful though – I got my copy of the Air Law app to help me with my NPPL(M) exams and was horrified when I opened the app to find there were loads of questions I did not know the answer to. Only later did I realise this was for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence and waaaay beyond what I need for my exam. That’s what happens when one gets too excited to actually bother reading the title of what it is you are buying. ATPL should have given the game away!

Still, it’s got me reading up on stuff I didn’t know about. I have yet to try the other apps out, but shall be reporting back on them when I have. They’ve got apps for all the other exam subjects. If you do download any, let us know what you think to them.

Here’s a video review I’ve knocked up for you: