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Jun 07

Go Steve Evets! Looking for Cantona is going to be a smash!

By Mark Attwood | Uncategorized

Wow! I am so happy for this guy. His stage name is Steve Evets, but I knew him in the early nineties as Adolf Chip-Pan. Our paths kept crossing when we were both on the alternative comedy circuit. We never did any work together (apart from a few gigs) but I always thought of him in high regard.

I’ve not seen him in over 10 years, what with life doing the thing it does, but I was just catching up on Jonathan Ross on iPlayer (one of my non-wife approved pleasures) and there he is – the star of Ken Loach’s new film “Looking for Eric” – working alongside Eric freakin Cantona!

Even madder than that (for me) is that it looks very much like Smug Roberts and Justin Moorhouse are also in this film. Just brilliant! Smug and me used to do dodgy gigs together in one-horse towns (he aways pulled them round when I floundered and even fixed my broken bathroom pipe one cold winter in Moss Side) and Justin is a radio and comedy legend up North (Phoenix Nights and Key103).

These guys bleed Manchester. I feel so grateful to have known them over the years because all of them influenced me, and I’m so excited about seeing them in this film.

I urge you to see this. Not just because I knew a few of the people in it, but because Ken Loach films are always extraordinary: heartfelt, real, bullshit-free, funny as fuck, anti-establishment.

Here’s the trailer: