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Feb 24

Keyword Tapp Review – Keyword Research Just Got A Whole Lot Better

By Mark Attwood | Software reviews

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I am a fan of keyword research being the foundation for almost everything you do online. In my Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success, I teach how to use the Keyword Planner inside Google Adwords simply because that’s a foundation course and I like to show people how to use tools that are free to get them off the ground.

My keyword research journey started in 2003 with the excellent Wordtracker from the Mindel brothers. Over time, other tools came out like Market Samurai which was the market leader for years, until Google removed their data from the free web.

Search has changed a lot. It’s not just about Google (although that’s where most of my clients with real-world businesses still need to focus because the local search markets still have so many easy pickings). It’s about YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing and EBay.

Anything that helps us find new keywords, and especially converting keywords and keywords with commercial intent has got to be a VGT (very good thing), so this is my Keyword Tapp Review.

The new Keyword Tapp tool is exactly that. A VGT. It pulls in keyword data from ALL of these search engines, each of which has around 30% keywords that are UNIQUE to it and when you mix in the fact that, particularly on Amazon and Ebay, you have really good long-tail keywords that have Commercial Intent – Bingo! You’ve now got access to data which will make you more money faster, which is what it’s all about online.

keywpord tapp review from

This software is perfect for anyone that has any kind of web presence. It’s great for local keyword digging, affiliate marketing, youtube marketing – whatever. If you find keyword research a bit confusing, don’t forget you can get professional keyword research done by the team at Attwood Digital, but if you feel like having a crack yourself with a tool that makes it a whole lot easier, you can take a look at the demo of this software here.

Here’s a list of the features:

– Extract Unlimited Keyword Results/Unlimited Searches
– Drill in With Keyword Modifiers
– Access Google Trends with a Click
– Export Via CSV file
– Save All Activities for future use
– Find ClickBank Products (unlimited)
– Find Amazon Products (unlimited)
– Tap into the web’s top 6 search engines in one place!

In case you need a refresher Keyword Research Tutorial, here’s how I outline my Red-Amber-Green-Gold KW Research System using the Planner – the principles are essential whichever search engine you’re getting data from:

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