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Dec 23

Keyword Research Tutorial – Your Foundation for Success

By Mark Attwood | Marketing

Here is the first Pillar of my “8 Pillars of Internet Marketing Wisdom”.

It’s a keyword research tutorial for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Keyword research is the foundation for your success online.

You should not do anything else at all online until you have completed this process, it’s that important.

This video is from my course The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success – it’s designed to show you my Red/Amber/Green Keyword Research System using data from both the Google Keyword Planner inside Adwords, and Ubersuggest (which pulls together the Google Suggest data. There are many other keyword research tools available, but the Technophobes Guide is designed to show you simple and, wherever possible, free stuff.

The whole point of this course is to not only teach you how to make money online in a sustainable way, but also how to save wasting money by doing it the wrong way.

If you watch this video and still think it’s too hard to organise all your keywords to create a Google-friendly sitemap and website, optimised and syndicated videos etc., then my company Attwood Digital does offer a range of professional services such as keyword research, silo sitemap optimisation, Adwords campaign management that makes you money, website design and development, on-page SEO and technical support packages, off-page SEO packages, weekly SEO reporting, video production, otpimisation and syndication services.

Just contact me for a Skype session to discuss your strategy so you can achieve the kind of growth that you can see in the graph below from one of our clients:

SEO Case Study -

When we first started working with this client in late 2013, they were generating an average monthly income of £6,000. In November 2014, they generated £50,000. This was entirely down to following our bullet-proof online marketing strategy which, of course, started with keyword research. The graph shows that their monthly organic traffic was 4000 visitors per month in December 2013, but nearly 15,000 in November 2014.

That’s astronomic growth for a small business.

And that’s what is possible if you work with us.

It also proves what fantastic value our course is, which is a complete foundation for any small business owner, whether you work with us or not. You can sign up for it here.