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Nov 16

Air Law exam passed – only four to go!

By Mark Attwood | Flying

It’s been a long time since I did an exam. Twenty years to be precise. And I’m not saying Air Law is a boring subject, but studying it is a fantastic cure for insomnia should you ever suffer it. I simply couldn’t read five minutes about the Chicago Convention, or the dimensions of a MATZ, or what an AIAA was without nodding off very soundly.

Imagine my surprise then when it came to the NPPL (M) exam last week and I passed. With 90%!

I’m not sure if the exam was easy or I just took more in than I thought I had, but I was truly shocked at the marvellous result.

My only disappointment was that I was the third and not the first person to finish the exam in about five minutes and leave the room with 25 minutes to spare. I find my competitiveness even at 41 to be a tad distasteful, yet still so much fun.

In the bar afterwards, I did find a wee bit of the sixteen-year-old-with-14-O-Levels-cockiness creep back into my ego. Down boy!

I made my excuses and left before I started embarrassingly going round the bar pretending to make small talk whilst actually saying “Me? Oh, I only got 90 per cent. What did you get?”, which would have undoubtedly have happened if I’d succumbed to the CFI’s invitation for an alcoholic beverage. Five kids and a sublime wife at home are a great leveller.

Now, over to Meteorology, Air Navigation, Human Performance and the other one.