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Jun 06

Want A Better Life? Stop Reading Corporate News

By Mark Attwood | Life Is Easy

One of the single biggest improvements in my life came when I stopped habitually consuming mainstream news, or MSM as it is popularly known on the internet these days.

There are a number of problems with the MSM, which I’ll be as brief as I can about:

1. It is full of lies (but you knew that, right?)
2. Those lies have an agenda behind them (bet you’re not so sure about that one)
3. The agenda does not include anything good for you or me. As in very bad for you and me.
4. Just by reading it or watching it you are being manipulated so subtely you won’t even notice it, or believe you are beyond that kind of manipulation (you’re not)
5. All those local radio stations, niche magazine, local newspapers etc. you think give you a well balanced view point are, in fact, owned by a cartel of extremely large companies who, at the very least, are higly connected to the establishment and other corporations who want to sell you stuff that ain’t good for you.
6. The BBC is not an impartial organisation, whatever it tells you.

Just try it. Try and cut yourself loose from all MSM for two months. Take the TV out of the living room, turn the radio off, cancel the papers, tell that bloke handing out the Metro at the traffic lights to bugger off. See how you feel. I promise you will feel a lot better.