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Jun 10

More on the Pipistrel Virus

By Mark Attwood | Uncategorized

I was quite taken with the Pipistrel Virus (pronounced Veer-oos, it’s not a disease) on display at the Sywell Aero Expo 2012, so I did a bit more research on it and found a bunch of videos that show it in action better than my photo (which you can see in this post) does (which you should be seeing in the next edition of FLYER magazine).

This video illustrates what a nimble and slippery creature this Virus obviosuly is..

This one, from the excellent Aero News Network in the US of A, gives a quality detailed intro to the aircraft..

This one was made by someone so inspired by this beautiful little plane, they decided to set it to the words of Psalm 139! Biblical!

Here’s a nice 40-seconds-inside-the-cockpit-whats-that-he-says-at-the-end-grass-strip-landing…

This one from Canada shows a tail-dragger version of the aircraft and illustrates the speed and lift producing abilities of the Virus very well (it needs hardly any runway at all) plus has some stunning Canadian aerial photography to enjoy in it…

This quite amusing video gives more of an insight into some of the awards this aircraft has won